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StreetPilot GPS
At select Thrifty and Dollar locations, you can request a StreetPilot GPS navigator for your rental car for only $9.95 per day. These small, dashboard-mounted devices contain mapping details of the entire U.S., including nearly six million points of interest such as hotels, restaurants, gas stations and popular tourist attractions.

Hawaii car rentals resources
In this article, we take a look at the best free publication guides for Hawaii and all its major islands. If you're renting a car, pick up a drive guide. Hawaii Drive Guides are a set of magazines serving Hawaii's car renters. Separate editions for the islands of Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, Kauai and Molokai are available. The Hawaii Drive Guides have the most comprehensive driving maps of each island that you will find. The maps distinctly identifies beaches, gas stations, and major visitor attractions.

Maui resources
Maui is a great island destination for solo travelers, couples or families. Less dense and having a more seclusive nature than Oahu, Maui is very desirable for its diverse activities and adventures. We are here to help with your Maui car rentals so you can explore Maui at your own pace.

Inter-island Hawaii car rentals
Considering a multi-island Hawaii vacation? Here are some local secrets about island hopping, as they say. Many tour operators seem to give the impression that exotic inter-island travel is a highly expensive option. However, native Hawaiians have been traveling in between the Hawaiian islands for years and it has become easier and increasingly affordable to visit the other Hawaiian islands.

Car Rentals for Kapalua Airport JHM
The majority of travelers arriving in Maui land in Kapalua Airport. Here are some tips and information regarding car rentals.

Hawaii car rental at a Bargain Price
A guide to getting the best deals on car rentals in Hawaii.

Surfboard Racks Rentals
Information and policies on surfboard racks on your rental.

How To Avoid Pitfalls When Renting a Car in Hawaii
If you consider that renting a car today involves two factors, low cost and excellent service, doing it well today is becoming more difficult daily.  The following are some of the factors to consider and a few traps to avoid in renting a car well today.

Budget and Dollar Closing in Molokai
Budget and Dollar Rent-A-Cars closing their rental locations in Molokai.

Renting a Car in Hawaii Using Your Debit Card
Using a debit card to secure your rental car in Hawaii.

Hawaii Superferry Told To Halt Operations
Updated news on the Hawaii Superferry closure.

Notice for Change in Pick up Service for Waikiki
In Waikiki, both Dollar and Thrifty are changed their pick up location due to construction for renters staying at the Embassy Suites, Halekulani, Imperial, Reef, Regency, Waikiki Parc, Waikiki Short to Don Ho Lane.

Car Reviews

Highlighting Some of the Best Cars for Summer
As summer is quickly approaching, many individuals are interested in buying a new car that may be more summer-friendly than the car they currently own. There are certain cars that simply scream out “summer” and those looking to buy cars during this time may find themselves interested in those particular types of vehicles

SUV vs. Minivan: Which Vehicle Is Right For You
There are a variety of vehicles on the general market today and each type has its own beneficial attributes which make it a good purchase for certain individuals. There are two types of vehicles in particular which tend to attract some of the same types of individuals and these are SUVs and minivans.

2008 Chrysler Sebring Review
The 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible has been completely redesigned, and not only will it look different from its predecessors, it will also have some exclusive features that are sure to set it apart from its competition. With Dollar, Thrifty and Enterprise Car Rentals stocking this convertible, you can be sure to enjoy the open roads of Hawaii on your next visit.

2006 Chrysler Pacifica Review
For those of you needing to carry a lot of passengers on vacation but don't like driving the boxy minivans, we present to you the 6-passenger Chrysler Pacifica. Chrysler has morphed together some of the best safety and performance traits from sedans, sport-utility vehicles and minivans to come out with this eye catching alternative to the family hauler that they call a “sports tourer.”

New Car Models for 2007 Which Are a Must See
Every year automobile manufacturers come out with bigger and better models to battle the vehicle competition. The 2007 models appear to be no different. Not only are car manufacturers coming out with new versions of existing model varieties but they are developing new car models as well.

2007 Dodge Caliber Review
There are a lot of choices when you rent a car for your vacation in Hawaii ranging from the open air Jeep Wrangler to the more budget conscious economy class. By far, the most popular class of rental car though is the compact. They are economical, easy on the gas and come with enough room and features to suit most travelers.

Ford Mustang review
At the start of 2006, both Avis and Budget will begin stocking their rental fleets with the new Ford Mustang. The Ford Mustang will be offered both as a hard top intermediate vehicle as well as a convertible. When Ford first introduced the Mustang in 1966, it was said that it looked like it was moving even when standing still. Nobody had seen anything quite like it.

The Safest Cars on the Road Keep Your Family Safe
When you go car shopping you are probably dazzled by the sports cars or even the big burly SUVs as well as the shiny colors and whether or not the vehicle is fully loaded. Frequently, you will hear people talking about what car they want to buy and will hear them mention things like leather seats, a great sound system, DVD players and mini TV screens, great rims and other similar features.

Coming to Thrifty and Dollar in 2006…the all new Dodge Charger!
The Dodge Charger began in 1965 when Dodge made a limited production lot of 180 Dodge Darts and placed a “Charger 273” nameplate on them. They were all yellow with a black top and interior. The power plant was a Hi-Po 273 with a two-barrel carburetor that produced 180 horsepower. The cars raised enough interest to make Dodge explore further.

Review: Chevrolet Uplander
It all started back with the introduction of the Dodge Durango. An SUV with snappy styling, 4 wheel drive and it sat up to 7 passengers. Ever since then, the lines between the SUV and the minivan have blurred. While vans are known for being roomy with great access via the large side doors, the SUVs are a lot cooler and more rugged.

Ford New Mustang GT Convertible: A Driver’s Dream
The 2007 Ford Mustang is a 2-door, 4-passenger family coupe, sports coupe, convertible sports car, available in 8 trims, ranging from the V6 Deluxe Coupe to the GT Premium Convertible.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
A review of the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and rental availability in the Hawaiian Islands.

Ford Taurus X Review
Hawaiian Discount Car Rentals review of the Ford Taurus X.


Hawaiian Activities
Aloha! Hawaii has been famous throughout the years for its exquisite beaches. Yes, there's nothing better than laying under the warm and beautiful Hawaiian sun and soaking up the waves that laps by your feet. But there's a lot more to Hawaii than lazing by the oceanfront. Rent a car and hit the road! There is lots to see and do in Hawaii. Let us, Hawaiian discount car rentals assist you with your hawaii car rentals.

If you are going to Hawaii and have always wondered what scuba-diving is like, but have not had the proper training necessary to do so, you may want to consider the SNUBA experience.

Things to See and Do on the Island of Hawaii
When individuals think of Hawaii, they may automatically conjure up images of crystal white beaches, warm blue waters and luaus galore. These are just some of the many wonderful things which vacationers will see when they set foot on the shores of Hawaii.

Kealia Pond National Wildlife Preserve
Located along the south central coast of Maui, Kealia Pond National Wildlife Preserve is one of the few natural wetlands left in the Hawaiian Islands. It attracts about 2,700 visitors annually to learn more about Hawaii’s endangered species of water birds.


Hawaii Superferry
In 2007, inter-island travel in Hawaii will be forever changed as the Hawaii Superferry begins to offer high speed inter-island service from Oahu to Maui and Oahu to Kauai.

Hawaii State Parks To Begin Charging Parking Fees
The Hawaii Divesion of State Parks announced that due to funding shortfalls, it must begin charging $5.00 per vehicle for parking at selected state parks, monuments, and scenic drives throughout Hawaii.


Finding Vehicle Financing
Luckily, financing isn’t as difficult as it used to be so that just about anyone can get into a car. Financing is a word that intimidates most people, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Before you even begin to look at a car you just need to do a few things to prepare yourself.

Could Drivers In Hawaii Be Too Polite?
Second only to Massachusetts in lack of driving aggression, Hawaii is a place that is well-known for the courtesy of its drivers. However, it seems that many Hawaiian drivers may be too polite for the new age of driving, as their courtesy and cautious driving may be contributing to increased traffic congestion.

Tips for Making the Car Buying Experience Go As Smoothly as Possible
The car buying experience is a different one for everyone. Some find it an arduous task while others feel that it is an exhilarating one as they know that they will be leaving the car lot with a new car. Whatever side one leans towards most, there are a few ways in the prospective automobile purchaser can work to make their car buying experience go as smoothly as possible.

Tips for Finding the Best Insurance for Your Vehicle
Finding the vehicle of your dreams is just one part of the equation because after you buy it you will be required to insure it. So, when considering a vehicle you also need to consider insurance providers in order to end up with the best car insurance at the best price. There are literally thousands of insurance providers you can choose from and the last thing you want to do is simply choose to use your local insurance agent when you can do a little bit of research and find the best provider and save yourself hundreds of dollars on your monthly premium over the year.

Top 10 Ways to Help Ensure Safety While Driving
It is fair to say that individuals spend a large quantity of time each day traveling in their automobile. Whether heading to work, running errands or going out to attend social events, people are driving around in their vehicles on a constant basis. For this reason, it is crucial that individuals try to operate their vehicle in a manner which is most certain to ensure their safe arrival at their destination.

Fuel Economy: The Most Fuel-Efficient Vehicles and Why This Is So Important
With the high gas prices which are readily seen on the market today, individuals who are looking to purchase a new car are perusing the options with fuel efficiency in mind. Prospective car buyers want to purchase a vehicle which really peaks their interest and is one which they truly desire; however, these prospective automobile purchasers may in fact be swayed should the vehicle which they are considering purchasing have inefficient fuel economy.