Things to See and Do on the Island of Hawaii

When individuals think of Hawaii, they may automatically conjure up images of crystal white beaches, warm blue waters and luaus galore. These are just some of the many wonderful things which vacationers will see when they set foot on the shores of Hawaii. There are many different attractions and tourist spots within Hawaii which visitors may choose from when they embark on their Hawaiian vacation. Each tourist spot and attraction is wonderful in and of itself and it is up to the vacationer to choose the one which suits their needs and interests the most.

Hawaiian Luau
One attraction which many visitors like to engage in on their vacation is taking in a Hawaiian luau. The luau is a combination of food, dance and fun. Individuals who attend luaus will be greeted by Hawaiian natives dressed in traditional, colorful garb which encompasses that Hawaiian luau feel. These events usually last a couple of hours and those who attend will eat a variety of Hawaiian dishes while being treated to authentic Hawaiian dances such as the hula and ‘auana. Some of the Hawaiian dishes which attendees can indulge in include kalua pork, chicken long rice and poi. Attending a Hawaiian luau is a must for all visitors who come to the Big Island.

Hiking to Waterfalls through the Rainforests
Another great attraction which visitors to Hawaii should put on their to do list includes a natural hike through lush rainforests to view the beautiful waterfalls which grace the landscape of Hawaii. Hawaii is home to some of the most breathtaking waterfalls and rainforests in the world and those who visit Hawaii are sure to be taken aback by the natural settings that they see on the island. These hikes are for all different skill levels, from beginner hikers to more advanced ones, and individuals can choose the hike which is most suitable to their skill level.

Visit the Volcanoes at HawaiiVolcanoesNational Park
Hawaii is also known for its volcanic structures and those who come to the island may wish to get up close and personal with these majestic structures. Two of the active volcanoes present on the island are Kilauea and Mauna Loa. Those who wish to have easier accessibility to view a volcano will find that a trip to Kilauea is a bit simpler. For those who don’t mind getting a little dirty and a lot of exercise will find that a trip to Mauna Loa might be better suited to their tastes. Whichever volcano one decides to see, they are sure to find the experience as exhilarating as can be.

Swim With the Dolphins
For those individuals who wish to enjoy nature in the water, a swim with the dolphins might just be the perfect thing to do while visiting Hawaii. Dolphins are quite prevalent in the waters surrounding Hawaii so individuals may come across dolphins on their own. However, to ensure that one swims with the dolphins in a safe manner and is able to find some to swim with, they may wish to do so via a dolphin-friendly establishment.

One such facility is Dolphin Quest. With the aid of Dolphin Quest, individuals can swim with dolphins as well as learn fascinating details about these beautiful creatures. The lagoon where Dolphin Quest provides these services is located at the Hilton Waikoloa Village and individuals young and old can interact with the trained dolphins in a supervised environment. What better way to get close to nature than by swimming with the dolphins?

Snorkeling and Scuba Excursions
Two other great water-related activities which visitors to the Big Island should give a try are snorkeling and scuba diving. The water sport of snorkeling allows individuals to come face to face with various types of sea life and enjoy the sights from the top of the water. Alternatively, scuba diving provides individuals with the up close and personal view underneath the water and down to such a level where special types of aquatic life can be viewed. Both activities are wonderful in and of themselves and it is up to the Hawaiian visitor to choose the one which suits them the best.

Both of these activities can be engaged in privately or with tour groups. Whether or not an individual decides to join a tour group may depend on skill level, knowledge of the island and preference with regard to swimming alone or with others. For those who would like to join a snorkeling or scuba tour group they will have a lot to choose from on the Big Island as there are many different groups offered by various companies. One who wishes to find the perfect group may inquire with the concierge at their hotel to find out more information.

There are so many different things to see and do on the island of Hawaii. Whether an individual is looking for a water-related activity or prefers to stay on land, they will find a wealth of options when it comes to choosing the perfect Hawaiian vacation activity.