Consider a StreetPilot® GPS Unit
To Help You Find Your Way Around Hawaii!

At select Thrifty and Dollar locations, you can request a StreetPilot GPS navigator for your rental car for only $9.95 per day. These small, dashboard-mounted devices contain mapping details of the entire U.S., including nearly six million points of interest such as hotels, restaurants, gas stations and popular tourist attractions. They are even programmed for multiple languages!

The StreetPilot is ideal for visitors to Hawaii because many of the roads in Hawaii are rather secluded, and tourists can easily find themselves lost. Also, it can often be difficult to find someone along the way to ask for directions.

How the StreetPilot GPS Unit works:

The StreetPilot GPS navigator provides in-car navigation that is simple for anyone to use. After selecting a destination from the user-friendly touch screen, the text-to-speech feature tells you the name of the street, when to turn and in what direction. If you miss your turn, the navigator will automatically calculate a new route to the destination.

When the navigation system is plugged into the car, it powers on every time the car is started. The system will then ask if you want to view the map or get directions. If you click on the button for “see map,” it will pull up a map of your current location usually within seconds. The “get directions” feature is also useful. On the main screen of the GPS unit, there is a series of buttons for gas, lodging, shopping, dining, airports, etc. Simply click on one of these buttons, and it will automatically find and list the nearest locations based on shortest distance. You can then choose whichever location you want, and the GPS will then take you back to the map and provide you with the appropriate directions. Besides being able to get directions by search, you can also get directions according to a specific address as well as by street names, intersections, and zip codes.

The StreetPilot GPS Unit is a very useful tool to help visitors explore the many sites and attractions of Hawaii. If you would like to learn more about the option to rent a StreetPilot GPS unit, just ask the Thrifty or Dollar rental agent when you pick up your rental car.