Maui Resources

Maui is a great island destination for solo travelers, couples or families. Less dense and having a more seclusive nature than Oahu, Maui is very desirable for its diverse activities and adventures.

As Hawaii's second largest island, Maui has an overall area of 729 square miles. Maui's terrain ranges from black sand beaches and rugged coastal lines to tropical forests, waterfalls and white sandy beaches. The landscape, terrrain and the surrounding crystal blue waters, truly make for an exotic playground that plays host to a variety of activities and adventure.

Maui's main airport is Kahului International Airport. Direct flights from all over the world land in Maui. However, in some cases, visitors may have to fly to Honolulu International Airport and then travel onto Maui by a smaller inter-island plane.

Maui does not have a public transportation service, so a Maui car rental is absolutely essential in getting around the island. Maui generally has a well laid out road structure, but there are several points of caution for driving on Maui that visitors need to be aware of. Most roads in Maui have bike lanes, which look like traffic lanes, but they should never be driven in. Two terms that drivers should know before receiving directions are mauka, (toward the mountain) and makai (toward the sea).

There is very little seasonal change on Maui, (averages between 75° and 85°F). Year-round climates of sunshine and warm ocean breezes are commonplace. November to March are the most humid months.

Haleakala, (the house of the sun), is regarded as one of the largest dormant volcanoes in the world. The full effect of the crater can only be truly appreciated from the top, looking down inside. A year round open visitor center near the summit features some impressive exhibits on Halealaka. Hiking and biking trails are available throughout the park.

Tours and Adventure
Maui is considered an ideal location for an activity-based vacations in Hawaii.

One of Maui's main attraction is whale watching. The best times are usually between December and April, and can extend sometimes through May. Humpback whales travel from the Alaskan Glacier Bay to Maui. The whales mate, birth, and teach their young survival skills in the waters around Maui. Taking a tour will greatly increase the chance of spotting one of these magnificent whales.

Snorkeling and scuba diving abound in Maui. Molokini, just off Western Maui, has many great features such as its crescent moon shape. The northern rim is submerged, as is the core of the crater. This helps to create a truly wonderful underwater landscape. snorkelers and divers at all skill levels are welcome. Turtle Town, named for its population of green sea turtles, is also a popular site for sonrkeling and scuba diving.

Helicopter tours are an awesome way to experience the island. These provide beautiful and panoramic views of the island's rainforests, beaches, waterfalls, volcanic craters and sights that cannot be seen from land. The West Maui Mountains, Honokahau Falls, the 17 waterfalls that make the "Wall of Tears," the Haleakala Crater and the island's resort towns are definitely sights to behold from above.

Do not forget to take part in an authentic luau while in Maui. Lei greetings, Hula and fire dancing, Mai-Tai's and excellent entertainment are all part of this cultural experience. Luaus are held all over the island.

Family Vacations
Maui is a great family destination for many reasons. The island is relatively small, so day trips to most areas of interest are manageable, even for families with young children.

Hana is a remote town reminiscent of old Hawaii. A trip here usually requires the whole day. The route begins in Kahului and the scenery is beautifu. The landscape is renowned as one of the most beautiful drives in the world. Once in Hana, attractions and activities are plentiful. Visiting one of the town's historic sites, going on a cave tour or simply relaxing in the tranquility that the town has to offer are all ways to spend the day.

Children and adults will appreciate the exhibits at the Maui Ocean Center in Ma'alaea. Turtle Lagoon, Sting Ray Cove, the Whale Discovery Center, the Discovery Pool and the Living Reef are guaranteed to please anyone interested in marine life.

Maui Weddings and Honeymoons
Aloha means "I love you" as well as "hello," in Hawaiian. Maui is certainly a wonderful location for romance. From candlelit dinners, walks along the beach, and luxurious accommodations, Maui is perfect for weddings, honeymoons and anniversaries.

A wedding consultant can be helpful, particularly when the couple are not from Maui, to help put together all wedding details. Like wedding musicians, floral work, photography, hair stylists, transportation and other aspects of the wedding can all be arranged.