Surfboard Racks

A lot of people travel to Hawaii simply to relax, have a mai tai and enjoy the sunshine.  Still others want to go test themselves in some of the best waves in the world.  Whether you want to go surf Acid Drop off the southern coast of Kauai or the famous Hookipa beach on Maui, you’ve got to get your boards there.  We get a lot of questions about renting roof racks to transport your surfboards – here’s the scoop:

In the recent past, most rental companies dropped roof racks.  This was due to the fact that as the emphasis shifted from practical to sleek and beautiful, most car manufacturers have ceased to place roof racks on their cars to mount the surfboard racks too.

Now, due to a slick design by Ocean & Earth, Dollar Rent A Car and Thrifty Rent A Car both offer the versatile Rap Rax padded surfboard racks for rent or purchase.  The Ocean & Earth Rap Rax are made for cars without roof gutters and are fitted by passing the straps through the open doors of your rental car so they work on any size and shape of rental car.  They are designed to carry either two longboards or four shortboards.

You can rent the Rap Rax soft roof racks for $6 per day.  If you plan on staying for longer than a week, you can purchase the racks outright for $32 and save some money over the course of your stay.