Considering a multi-island Hawaii vacation? Here are some local secrets about island hopping, as they say. Many Hawaii tour operators seem to give the impression that exotic inter-island travel is a highly expensive option. However, native Hawaiians have been traveling in between these islands for years and it has become easier and increasingly affordable to visit the other Hawaiian islands.

Hawaii is an island state and it is impossible to drive from one island to another. Also the islands, (except Oahu) do not possess a substantive public transportation system, therefore renting a car is by far a necessity. We at Hawaiian car rentals can assist you with your Hawaii car rentals. We supply rental cars to all of the major Hawaiian islands with easy pickup and dropoff access. Ask us about our inter-island car rental pickup and dropoffs. Inter-island airfare is another travel necessity. There are no ferries between the major islands and the existing service to smaller islands is fleeting.

A travel product called the “fly-drive package” was created out of this need. These packages are simply a combination of airfare and car rental services that include airfare between any two Hawaiian islands and car rentals for the entire time you are at each destination. These packages range from an individual with a economy car rental making a day trip or for families and groups up to 7 passengers in a minivan over several days.

These packages simply requires a choice made between Hawaiian or Aloha airlines (the major inter-island air carriers), a recognized and valid drivers license and usually a major credit card (We do not require credit cards).