Great Destination Drives in the Hawaiian Islands

Paia, Maui A Quaint Little Tourist Town But With A More Native Feel
Nestled along the north shore of Maui is the charming little historic beach town of Paia . Once home to thriving sugar mills and plantations, Paia has a much more native and rural feel than do the larger tourist towns of Lahaina and Kihe..

Driving Tours in Maui
Renting a car and heading of on your own is one of the most popular ways to see all that Maui has to offer. Once you have your vehicle you are sure to enjoy a captivating time touring all around the various locations.

Haleakala National Park in Maui, Hawaii
There are a lot of interesting drives on the Island of Maui. One of the better ones is to spend the day going to the summit of Haleakala or The House of the Sun. What makes this drive interesting?

The Road to Hana, Maui Part 1
The drive from Kahului to Hana is about 34 miles, offers 56 bridges and more than 600 curves. The traffic can be slow due to sightseers and photographers. If you are intent on reaching Hana, you will be frustrated and not enjoy this drive at all. more...

The Road to Hana, Maui Part 2
As you approach highway marker 7, you will encounter a forest of waving bamboo. Drivers go a little nuts here and so you need to keep track of the road.

The Road to Hana, Maui Part 3
If you are feeling adventurous, one of the really special places to visit on this trip is called “Blue Pool”. I know I've described a lot of waterfall/pool locations on this trip but this is the one!

Seven Sacred Pools
Located on the remote eastern coast of Maui, the Seven Sacred Pools (also called the “Pools of O'heo”) is considered by many to be one of the most breathtaking landscapes in all of Maui.

Self-guided Driving Tours around Maui
Once you decide to tour Maui on your own, you will find several car rental agencies that will help you with your choice for the best type of vehicle for your ride.

Wailua Falls
This is an easy drive but well worth the time to see these dramatic falls. The Wailua Falls are located on the East side of the island and were made somewhat famous by being in the opening shots of the tv series “ Fantasy Island”.

Spouting Horn
To have a point of reference, this drive will start from Lihue International Airport. This drive offers a few detours along the way for fun.

Kauai Northshore
My favorite drive on Kauai has no real destination. It’s called Highway 560 and it is full of gorgeous scenery, amazing beaches, caves to spelunk, waterfalls, funky towns, quaint old churches and one lane bridges.

The Remote Beauty of the Na Pali Coast
Considered by many to be the most beautiful coastline in the world, the Na Pali Coast is a 17-mile stretch of rugged coastline on the island of Kauai. Due to its unique and preserved beauty, the Na Pali Coast has served as the backdrop for many Hollywood movies, including Jurassic Park, the recent King Kong and South Pacific.

Adventures in Mauna Kea
The summit of Mauna Kea is called Puu Wekiu and it is at an elevation of 13,796 feet. This is the highest point of land in the Pacific Basin. An interesting fact about Mauna Kea is that if measured from the bottom of the ocean floor, it reaches nearly 30,000 feet which would make it the tallest peak on earth.

Onomea Scenic Route
Any drive out of Hilo offer lush tropical landscapes, dramatic water falls, wild ginger blooming by the roadside and wonderful beaches. This is definitely the photographic side of the Big Island of Hawai’i.

The Drive to South Point (Ka Lae)
There are a few intriguing reasons why a person might want to drive to South Point on the Big Island of Hawaii. First of all, located at 18˚54’38” North, 155˚40’41” West, it is the most southern point in the United States of America.

Driving Tours on the Big Island of Hawaii
Hawaii has many wonderful places to see and things to do all over the island. However, if you wish to make your own adventure you can rent a car and head off on your own.

Driving the Kohala Peninsula
An article detailing the area of the big island known as Kohala.

USS Arizona Memorial in Oahu
While on Oahu, one can drive to the USS Arizona Memorial. The memorial spans the mid-portion of the once proud battleship. Standing above the viewing glass with the names of the sailors lost that day beside you, it is hard not to contemplate what it must have been like that day and the sacrifices made for the continued freedoms that we enjoy today.

Drive to Mt. Tantalus
Sometimes, when we first start a vacation, you just want to hop in your car and drive. No difficult schedule, just taking in new sights, smells, maybe even getting out and walking around a bit.

Jeep offroad adventures in Molokai
Lanai and Molokai are a Jeep offroad ethusiast's dream. For many years, both islands have remained the least touristed of Hawaii's major islands. Let Hawaiian discount car rentals assist you with your Jeep rental in Hawaii. A vacation here is framed by rural simplicity, ohana, aloha, and adventure.

Molokai, East to Halawa
There is basically one main road that runs across the entire length of the island which is only about 38 miles in length and 10 miles wide.

Review of the top beaches in Molokai
Information about the top beaches in Molokai.

Information on Molokai
Information on Molokai, set in the center of the Hawaiian islands.

The Best Scenic Drive on Molokai
Some of the best drives in Molokai.